Capella Regalis Men and Boys Choir with director Nick Halley and the King’s Chapel Choir with director Paul Halley join together for a beautiful service of Choral Evensong and Investiture of new choristers. A reception will follow. All are welcome!

This will be a special occasion for both choirs and listeners. During the service a ceremony of investiture will take place for all new choristers entering into their respective positions in both the Capella Regalis and King’s College Chapel Choir.

Music will include Byrd’s Justorum Animae, Stanford’s Evening Service in B flat, and Harris’s O What Their Joy, all sung by double choir and accompanied by the Chapel’s marvellous organ, in the great company of All the Saints.

All present are invited to join us for a reception in the Senior Common Room next to the Chapel immediately following the service.

At this time of fellowship, food, and refreshments, we will celebrate with members of the King’s College Chapel Choir and Capella Regalis their devotion to glorious music.
For more information please contact [email protected] or visit www.kingschapel.ca